Home Styling & Landscaping services offered

Home Styling & Decorating

Is your home looking a little tired inside? Have you lived with your soft furnishings for way past their use-by-date? Do you long for a more contemporary look but don’t have a big budget? Sharon from Art & Soul Living can help you transform the interior of your home, working with you every step of the way. And no matter what your budget, Sharon will work to that.

It all starts with a free consultation at your home. Sharon will uncover your vision for your home’s interior space. She’ll suggest options, such as colours, homewares and soft furnishings. She’ll work with your existing furniture, or source new furniture if that’s what you want, to provide a look and feel that will make you happy and excited.

When you’ve agreed to the project, if you’re working to a tight budget, Sharon will take you shopping so you can choose the items together. This is also a great way for you to consider options and decide on what will work best for you. Otherwise, Sharon can source all the items for you. Art & Soul Living has some beautiful homewares, so it may be that you find items there. But because Sharon’s worked in the industry for years, she knows what works and where to source every item.


The Transformation

Sharon will then style your home with your new furnishings, placing everything with an unerring eye, for maximum effect. All that remains is for you to love living in your new space!
So if your home needs an interior update, call Sharon from Art & Soul Living now on
(03) 5976 4813.


Office Styling & Decorating

If your office décor has seen better days, don’t think of a major refurbishment. Why spend a whole lot of money when maybe all your office needs is a little TLC and some inspired styling.
Art & Soul Living is all about TLC in decorating and styling. Sharon Pearson has an eye for all things interior and that includes your office space. 
Sharon will consult with you – in your office – to find out the look you want to achieve. She’ll advise you on options and suggest how different colours and accessories could work wonders for your weary workplace. And whatever your budget, Sharon will work within it.

And just to make sure you’re on board with all her suggestions, she can even take you shopping! You’ll choose all the items together, so you can see what makes Sharon such an inspired decorator and stylist. If you don’t have time to shop, Sharon can source everything for you. She has an innate talent for choosing the perfect combination of textures and colours to lift your office into a happy workplace.

It’s well known that a vibrant, contemporary workplace makes for happy staff. So keep your staff contented and keen.

Landscape Gardening

These days, your outdoor space can really enhance your total living experience. But is your garden just a big weed patch? Does mowing your unused lawn interrupt your Sunday mornings every few weeks? Is your outside space more of a nightmare than a dream? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time for Just Add Water Landscaping.

We can transform your overgrown outdoor area into a haven of tranquillity. Whether it’s a small area next to your house, or the entire outside space, we can design a beautiful solution for you, and execute it with respect for and minimal impact on your lifestyle.

When you have an inspired outside space designed especially to suit your property and your needs, it can add a whole new dimension of living to your home – and also add value to your property.
We use a variety of stone for paving, feature walls, steps, driveways and around pools, depending on the look you want and the properties of the material. Many clients are particularly fond of travertine and limestone.


Travertine is stylish, strong and long-lasting. It has soft colours in a variety of subtle shades that work beautifully, both inside a home and outside, where it is popular for courtyards and around swimming pools.

We use travertine for interior floors and in some exterior spaces, where its unique properties add a sense of style and prestige, and its subtle hues never dominate.


Limestone is a beautiful and durable natural stone that lends itself perfectly to landscaping. We use limestone in many of our landscape designs. It’s available in a wide range of colours, so we can coordinate it to your home or areas of planting.

It’s also extremely versatile. We use it for pavers and around pools. We can also clad your house with limestone to transform it from drab to fab and give it a whole new lease on life. And limestone blocks are perfect for a feature wall in your courtyard.

To see how we can transform your outdoor space into an innovative and inspired design that will truly enhance your lifestyle, call now on 0418 366 598 and book your free consultation with David Pearson, of Just Add Water Landscaping.